Khatta Dhokla

‘Khatta Dhokla’!!! If you’re always a Gujju by heart, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is Aamras when you hear this word!

Unlike most Gujjus (even better if I say, Indians), I’m never the one who can have Aamras more than a few spoonfuls. Shocked? I know… I’m a bit weird! But if you serve me a plate of these dhokla with/without meal, I’ll surely polish it off…

When it comes to cooking it, I must confess that I’m too lazy (I can also use the word ‘scared’) to cook anything that needs fermentation… What I had done all these years was – buy a pack of Gits from local Indian store, add all required ingredients n steam it when I crave for some.

Last year, one of my mamis visited us here n she made these dhoklas with full Gujju dinner. I hardly had anything other than you know what 😋

And since then, I’ve managed to make it from scratch… Soaking, grinding, fermenting n then steaming have given me much more satisfactory outcome!


That fluffy texture, that tangy taste n that smell of tempering on top… Yummmmm!!! I’m hungry already… But here you go with the recipe for the same…

2.5 cups Regular short-grain rice (or idli rice, which is an ideal choice of course)
3/4 cup Urad dal
3-4 tbsp Chana dal
1.25-1.5 cups Sour Yogurt, I added 1.5 tbsp lemon juice as it wasn’t sour

Steps to follow:

Wash n soak dals-rice for a couple or hours or overnight. Grind them to a smooth mixture with yogurt (and lemon juice) in it.

Transfer it to a big bowl and cover with a lid. Keep it in a warm place overnight so it gets fermented well.

Next day, add salt to your taste and ginger-green chillies paste into it and mix it well.

Take a few ladles in another bowl and add a pinch of baking soda to it, whisk it quickly and transfer to a greased mould and steam on medium-high flame for around 14-15 mins.

Serve it as it is or tempered with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chillies. Garnish with coriander before serving :)