Instant Carrot Pickle

Do we have a similar taste??? I find everything better with pickles! May it be sweet or spicy or tangy… I can adjust my dish based on the pickle selected… ;) But in particular, I’m in love with spicy-tangy pickles that uses highly delicious pickle masala :) Even if I don’t get a ready pickle, I can go ahead eating my flatbreads with this pickle masala itself. I never tried making one by myself ever, but have seen mum doing it, since childhood! She would do every single thing involved in a long process of making a pickle, at home only all by herself. And it’s me who never took a benefit of beautiful summer sun in the backyard :(

This year, I’m determined to try out some pickles as well as sundried stuff i.e. tomatoes, sabudana sev, lentils dumplings etc. As I said in last post, I’m not getting good quality raw mangoes yet… so I’m working on all different elements these days. And today, I have got a bag of carrots with me… :) A quick carrot pickle to keep you picklish until we find raw mangoes!!!



1/4 cup Mustard Oil
1/4 cup Pickle Masala
5-6 Carrots, peeled n diced
Salt, to taste



  1. Heat mustard oil in a heavy bottomed pan and add mustards into it.
  2. Once it stops spluttering, add carrots, pickle masala and salt in it.
  3. Mix everything well and let it get cooked for a couple of mins until they’re a bit tender.
  4. Once it cools down a bit, bottle up a sterilized jar.
  5. You can store it in refrigerator upto a month.



  • You can eliminate adding mustard seeds and hing into it. I love the nutty flavor that hing brings :)
  • More veggies can be used too i.e. peas, cauliflower florets, ivy gourd etc.
  • Regular canola or vegetable oil can also be used instead of mustard oil :)