Garlic Confit

And 2016 is almost here!! The whole 2015 flew by in a wink of an eye… Although it was a year with lots of ups n downs, we finally had our super-happy n relaxed time during our trip to India! After an excessive cooking for 2.5 months and endless baking sessions throughout the year… I took a retirement for a couple of weeks!!! Ohhh I understand I was a bit selfish but yes, I surrendered ;) And anyways, vacation at mum’s comes with lots of eating n learning activities only :) During my stay with her, she dished out amazing delicacies (quite traditional stuff) one after another, minimum 2-3 at times. And I happily joined her as a sous-chef only and learnt quite interesting tips n tricks from her! I absolutely enjoyed this vacation.

Now when we’re back, I have started experimenting again… All the things she taught is going to be implemented. Summer has arrived already and it’s time to start pickling (according to her, I should make pickles every season… specially when I have a good enough space in my backyard with lots of sunshine). I visited my favorite veggie market and couldn’t find good-healthy raw mangoes yet… but then pickle was on my mind! So nothing else, but took out a bunch of garlic bulbs and prepared this “Garlic Confit” which is a quick pickle/spread or whatsoever you call it as…

During last 2 weeks, I’ve cooked a few comforting dishes only. But looks like, I’m now getting back to my routine gradually ;)



3 bulbs Garlic, separated into cloves
1 cup Olive Oil (I added a bit more, you’ll know why)*
3-4 sprigs Rosemary



  1. Pour olive oil in a deep heavy bottomed pan and add garlic cloves into it.
  2. Bring it to simmer and then turn the heat to the lowest possible.
  3. Add rosemary sprigs (optional) and leave it unattended for next 40 mins.
  4. Turn off the heat when you find garlic cloves poached nicely but not in pieces.
  5. Transfer the cloves to the sterilized jar and pour olive oil enough to cover it.
  6. Cool it down to room temp and you can store it in fridge for a few months.



  • Here is all what you can use it in: Pasta dishes, As a spread on crostinis, Salad bowls, As a pickle, Sandwiches… and what not!!!
  • A quick tip to peel the garlic cloves: Put it in microwave for around 15 seconds and it’ll be super-easily peeled off.


  • …. And an answer to my *, I refilled my bottle of Garlic-Rosemary infused Olive Oil to be used later on ;)