Cheesy Pizza Sticks

Here is a lovely ‘ing’ tag!!!

Watching: Right now, I’m staring at this screen to draft my post :D After that, I’ll be watching MTv Splitsvilla episode ;)

Listening: These days, my playlist comprises of ‘Arijit Singh’ n ‘Shreya Ghosal’ only!!! Loaded some Rajasthani folk songs last evening though… but ‘phir le aaya dil’ is on top of the chart. Haven’t been hearing ghazals or sufi for quite a long time :)

Wearing: At this moment, I am in lavendar track n offwhite tee! A skyblue band in hair as its too oily today! ;)

Hoping: To get a few blog posts drafted… To get new cooking/experimenting ideas… To get my canvas colored… And much more :P

Craving: Have been craving for a nice cuppa kavah at the moment… Didn’t get to have tea this morning so had cereals only! But kavah with some crunchy finger-food will do.


Reading: Huhhhh… Years since I left reading anything except blogs :P Well, I was going through my old personal blog half hour back and once I log off here, I might work on foodies blog for sometime :)

Finished Reading: Ohhh yes, I finished reading emails with cake enquiries :P Yet to reply 4 of those though…

Thinking: Can’t specify a single thought here. My mind has been like ‘multiprocessing machine’ these days… I’ve been thinking of starting cake elements for the weekend orders. N on background process, I’ve been thinking of pinteresting a few ideas :)

Loving: I am loving my blog ;) And apart from that, I love KG… I love my buddies… and most importantly, I love whatsapp ;)

Hating: Let’s not talk about it! Hating a few weird comments ;)


Let me stop blabbering here… And move on to the recipe! I’ve brought something for tea-time… Something you can munch anytime… Something that’s so much kids-friendly… Something that’s easy to make n bake ;) There you go…



4 Bread slices
1/2 cup Pizza/Pasta Sauce
1 cup Chopped Mix (of Capsicum, onions, tomatoes, olives)
Pizza Cheese Mix
Salt, to taste
Italian Herbs Mix, to sprinkle



  1. Spread sauce on the bread slices.
  2. Put spoonsful of chopped mix over it and spread it evenly.
  3. Top it with cheese and then salt, herbs to taste.
  4. Bake it on 180 degrees for 15-20 mins or until its crisp.
  5. Cut into slices and serve hot!



  • Use finely chopped veggies for quick cooking.
  • You can add seasonal veggies or even greens for richer version.
  • I served it with Red Bell Pepper Dip… You can serve it with ketchup too :)