Cake Clusters

I bake… I bake… And I keep baking!!! I love my job in every possible way… But the only thing I get worried about is, wastage! I neither like any wastage of food when I cook something… nor I prefer to throw away any sort of trimmings to bin! Although I try my best to reduce the amount of it while baking, I still need to trim the cakes before frosting or decorating those… And can’t do anything with that! Even I say clear NO for making carved cakes… as it tends to waste so much of cake :( Well, I say no for smash cakes too as I hate people wasting food on those smash ceremonies n all… I know, I’m at loss in a way, but I’m happy to bear that if I can reduce the wastage from my end…

A few weeks back, one of my very dear friends – Khyati wrote an article on that topic only and after reading that, I strongly believe that we should try our level best to avoid food wastage! Cook as much as you eat… Use leftovers in recreating the meals.. If nothing helps, try freezing extra stuff and use them later… But before throwing away anything, think of those people who struggle a lot to find their food for the day! Think….

I get a small amount of cake trimmings everytime I bake… Either I create trifles, parfaits for us out of it! Or make cake balls or I add some while making our milkshakes… This time, I tried creating something different! And we actually quite liked it ;)



1 cup Cake Crumbs (I used chocolate ones)
A handful of chopped nuts
2 tbsp Cherries Compote (or any fresh fruit puree will do)
Melted dark/milk chocolate
1/4 cup Granola Mix



  1. You can use microwave or double boiler method to melt the chocolate.
  2. Take it in a bowl and add rest of all the things into it.
  3. Mix everything well and form the balls.
  4. Arrange them on a lined tray and keep in the fridge for half hour to set.
  5. And start eating ;)



  • It stays good in fridge up to a week but I enjoy having it fresh so I prefer a small batch every time.
  • You can add your choice of seeds mix, nuts mix, rolled oats etc to try variations :)