Paneer-Pita Sandwich

I wanted to make this quick-fix for a longggg time… Well, I have always loved burgers/pita from Nando’s but using pita at home has hardly happened before! Bought pita breads many times before but ended up making chips to have with hummus :P Recently, Mission Foods gave me a chance to work on this… I got many packs of Whole Grain Pita as well as Plain Pita… and of course, can’t think of using all those in chips/ribbons!

Pita doesn’t have to have stuffed with falafel all the time… and I really could never figure out why no one thinks of making a fusion? I had some leftover spicy Paneer curry from previous night’s dinner! You can clearly see what I created out of it… ;)

Well, when you say a sandwich, you can pretty much add all your favorite ingredients i.e. Salad greens, Key element (I had Paneer in this), dressing to drizzle, tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, olives… anything that you feel like eating. I used some tadka dahi (tempered Indian-spiced yogurt), Paneer curry, tomato slices and few leaves of lettuce. Isn’t it easy-peasy?



2 Mission Foods Pita Pockets
1/2 cup Paneer curry
A handful of Salad greens
1/4 cup Tempered Yogurt (I added a pinch of red garlic chutney to it for a kick)
Tomato Slices
Pickled Cucumber or Gherkins



  1. Heat a grill pan with drizzles of olive oil.
  2. Place pita breads on to it and grill for quite a few mins on each side.
  3. Open a pita pouch and put all ingredients in it.
  4. Top with some tempered yogurt.
  5. Serve hot!!! <3

My Ratings for Mission Foods Plain Pita: 5/5 :)