Egg-Hummus Brekkie

I always prefer eggless baking… And I keep on saying that I grew up eating eggless cakes all my life! Born and brought up in vegetarian family and married to vegetarian family only, so this becomes quite obvious :P But now I tell you the secret… I love eggs in anything except baking ;) And that makes me save those eggs for my breakfast-brunch-lunch-dinner, whatever I plan… Hahaha!!!


Let me be honest a bit… It’s dangerous to keep me around eggs. Trust me, I have an uncanny affair with this beauties <3 I can say, I have a big appetite and can leave any other breakfast dish for it (especially when bread is involved)!!! And the other way, it’s always so very convenient… Even on the days when I wake up with loads of baking/decorating work, he makes it and I get myself eating more than usual! Well, if it’s about eggs, I always eat more! ;)

I call it a weekend when I get a breakfast plate like this!!! <3



2 Bread Slices
2 tbsp Lemon-Coriander Hummus
2 Eggs
Few drops of Olive Oil
Salt, to taste
Dried Herbs, to sprinkle



  1. Toast 2 slices of bread (in toaster or roast it in pan and put it in oven for a while).
  2. Spread generous amount of hummus onto it.
  3. Heat oil in a small pan and crack 2 eggs side by side.
  4. Sprinkle salt and herbs on top and half-fry those!
  5. Put it on top of toast and serve hot!