2-years of Togetherness!!!

Celebrating 2 years of togetherness with this lovely looking ‘Chocolate Coated Strawberries’!!! Happy Anniversary, KG… And to me as well <3



6 Strawberries
3” piece of Cooking Chocolate
½ tsp Oil
2 tsp Thickened Cream


  1. Wash and pat dry strawberries nicely. Keep leaves on top intact.
  2. Melt dark cooking chocolate in double boiler and make a smooth sauce.
  3. Add oil for glistening effect.
  4. Hold strawberries from top and dip each one in this chocolate sauce to cover ¾ of the portion.
  5. Keep these coated strawberries in freeze for around 10 mins or until chocolate sets on it.
  6. Arrange them in serving plate and drizzle white chocolate or thickened cream over it.


  • You can make a cone from plastic bag or parchment paper and fill melted white chocolate or thickened cream in it to make white strips over them.