Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day, Foodies!!! <3 There’s no better way to reach your beloved’s heart other than a table for two :) I absolutely enjoy making a dinner very special in my way… And I definitely can’t miss that chance on this special day!!!

I made cheese fondue (not the authentic one though) last year and I swear, KG was super-impressed! And in any case it was very special as that was our 1st valentine post-wedding… :) I rolled back 2 years of life and recalled that day when hubby took me out for a valentine dinner, right before 3 days of our wedding!!! He ordered sssssssso many dishes… And when waiter confirmed the order, he smiled n said “She eats a lot” :P I couldn’t stop laughing that time…

cheese fondue

Stay tuned for the recipe… :)