PavBhaji by Shalvi

You can say, I’m not a phone person (for those with whom I don’t want to talk much)! I find 100s of reasons for not picking up the call or call back someone :) But that’s not the same case for everyone… Yes, I’m not a patient listener… ‘coz I love blabbering all the time :P And this uncanny habit obviously creates chaos on call when somebody on the other side shares the same trait!!! ;)
Those who knows me personally would have guessed the person by now… Yes, that’s a very near-dear friend of mine – Shalvi! Both of us are a non-stop chatter-box, yet we never mind our ears to stay glued to the phone for long hours listening to each other’s talk :) 
I and my husband love Pav-Bhaji, which she was to cook last night! She also told me her reason for that dinner plan: “If having all veggies in minimal quantity i.e. cauliflower, potato, onion, capsicum, peas, there is nothing better to make than PavBhaji!” And I agreed, as I usually do the same :P 
Here are the pictures of her dinner plate:

Isn’t it looking so yummy??!!! I started drooling the moment I saw these pics! Actually, her husband Mr. SP shared these with me saying, “It looks all yummy ‘coz of his skilled photography” And as always, I replied his msg giving all credits to his beautiful wife. If this yummy-looking dish wasn’t cooked, he wouldn’t have been inspired for clicking pics! :P 
Thanks a lot to a lovely couple for making it and specially to Mr. SP for clicking pics before grabbing the whole plate ;)
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