Masala Puri

My husband simply loves a very classic Indian bread – “Puri” :) Even I do.. but more when I’m looking forward to serve a quick breakfast or meal… :P
Here are few different versions of the “Puri“:
– A version without spices in it, is best to be served with Kheer or Halwa…
– Puri pricked with fork to make it flat, is used as a Chaat-Puri! 
– Quite crispy and tiny ball one, serves the best ever Street-Food “Panipuri”!
A round puffed up ball, that too a little chatpata… works great with any Indian Gravy!!! A classic combo that  any Gujju will love to have: “Poori-Bhaaji” (Puri with dry potato subzi) 
Makes: 15-16 puris
2 cup Wheat flour
3/4 cup water
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Red chilly powder

– Mix wheat flour and all the spices in a bowl.
– Add 1 tsp of oil into it and mix well.
– Knead a soft dough by adding water gradually in it. At the end,
– Divide the dough in portions of equal size.
– Roll each of them medium-thick to around 5-6 cm in diameter.
– Heat oil in deep-kadai and fry 2-3 puris at a time.
– In around 5 secs, it will puff up then turn it to make light crisp and golden-brown on both the sides.
– Serve with any gravy you love… :)