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A few months back, while going through all the categories of posts one by one… I was suprized by not seeing “Khandvi” anywhere! Well, that’s a matter of shock more than worry actually…… Continue reading

1-min Microwave Mug Cake

I always think twice before planning to bake a cake, as… It takes too much in following exact proportions n procedure to follow :( That comes to be too-big cake for just 2… Continue reading

Microwave Rava Idli

Yeyyyy…. Finally!!! I’m posting my 1st South-Indian dish :) A healthy option of ‘Rava Idli’ for South-Indian Food lovers!!! Given here is a recipe of Microwave version, which is quite quick and almost… Continue reading

Microwave Nylon Khaman

Thought of starting a new series on Food Court – “Under 30 Mins“!!! And here is the first recipe… A very popular Gujarati delicacy “Nylon Khaman”.  Traditionally, its prepared in steamer which takes… Continue reading