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Rajasthani Mirchi Wada

“Potatoes” one thing that I can have over and over… In brekkie, lunch, dinner or in-between the meals ;) And if you give me a bag of baby potatoes, you’ll surely find me… Continue reading

Thaali Menu – 9

And it’s a long-awaited thaali menu!!! I hardly get some time to cook such spread… but I tried doing it a couple of times during this festive season :P This was prepared for… Continue reading

Jaipuri Pulao

Last time when we met our buddies, I made a Rajasthani platter… And then got a chance to post a few dishes! A special rice preparation was left behind so thought of posting… Continue reading

Gatte ki Subzi

If you have read my ‘Daal-Baati‘ post, you must be knowing that my maternal family has a strong Rajasthani influence. All mama, nana and cousin are involved in chilly business which make them… Continue reading

Aloo-Mangodi Subzi

Do you remember, I made Mangodi in last summer? I made curries several times and so I had only 1/2 cup in stock when I planned to make it for a Rajasthani platter.… Continue reading

Stuffed Baati

One dish that I cook the most in my kitchen is ‘Daal-Baati’ :) I remember one of my aunties used to make it when she had plenty of time to plan and cook!… Continue reading

Panchmel Daal

I never planned to make ‘Bhakhri’ on weekdays… 1st, it takes long time on griddle! And 2nd.. high efforts :P I’m a lazy girl at times! But yes, since I started making Khooba… Continue reading

Gatta Pulao

I had never used “Gatta” (tiny dumplings made out of chickpea flour) in any dish other than making ‘Gatte ki Subzi’! But this time, I wanted to try the other Rajasthani gravy… But… Continue reading

Khooba Roti

I never mentioned about one of my very close friends since I was a little baby, n that’s my ‘MAAMI‘ :) I wanted to make the best of her dishes and introduce her… Continue reading