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Curry Powder ~ Karnataka Way

If you have read my ‘About Me’ section, you must be knowing that I belong to a Gujju family! Born and brought up in Gujarat… which never gave me a chance to explore… Continue reading

Roasted Cumin Powder

Do you get a ready-made cumin powder? Well, I got it when I came here… Wanted to make something and didn’t have cumin seeds handy (obviously). But yes, I bought it from Middle-Eastern… Continue reading

Dukkah ~ Middle-Eastern Spice-Mix

I have had ‘Dukkah’ a long time back at some Middle-Eastern cafe in India… I absolutely enjoyed the flavors with bread loaf & olive oil and that time, I thought to replicate one… Continue reading

Mint Powder

METHOD: – Pick all green mint leaves from stems and wash them with tap water. – Dry with a kitchen towel and arrange it on a big plastic sheet or plate. – Make… Continue reading

Tandoori Masala

“Tandoori Masala” – A blend of spices used to cook tandoori (North-Indian) or Afghani food!!! You can get this tandoori masala ready-made almost in any Indian grocerry store… And another option is, you… Continue reading

Goda Masala

Before marriage, I always had at least one Maharastrian family in neighborhood & so I got to have their special dishes every now n then (Thanks to “Vaatiki-Vyahvar” in India, which is one of… Continue reading