Curry Powder ~ Karnataka Way

If you have read my ‘About Me’ section, you must be knowing that I belong to a Gujju family! Born and brought up in Gujarat… which never gave me a chance to explore much of South-Indian food all these years. Well, there are many good restaurants which serve wonderful South-Indian meals but you know, it’s always about Gujju taste. And probably I won’t even like an authentic taste now!

Only when I came over here, I found ‘Curry Powder’ in spice-aisle at Indian stores. I definitely didn’t buy one anytime… But always wanted to try it out at home. I love making spice-mixes at home for the only reason of filling entire place with beautiful aroma of Indian spices :P And meanwhile, I saw a post on Pari’s space: ‘Karnataka style Curry-Powder‘. I can’t properly pronounce then name that she has written there so I keep it simple. To my surprise, I got to know that it differs state-to-state :P Really??!!! Only thing I knew was a South-Indian curry powder :D I tried her recipe on the same day and it came out so well… Since then, I have been using it with rice dishes and curries (which I’ll post soon). All thanks to this gorgeous looking lady!!!

curry powder


1 tsp oil
2 Cinnamon Sticks
2 Cloves
1/4 cup Bengalgram/ Chana daal
1/4 cup skinned black lentil/ Urad daal
1/4 cup coriander seeds
1/2 cup Dessicated Coconut
4 Red Chillies (I used a combo of hot & kashmiri one)

I was drafting the procedure here but then I changed my plan. You better visit Pari’s Space and read a pictorial procedure :) I can’t explain it in a better way than how she has!!!
Here is a recipe link:

Do try this out and keep a jar in your spice-drawer :P