Paneer Fajitas

Okay… so this post is going to be all about my girl-friends! You might be thinking what all I still have to say… as I have mentioned plenty of my friends in previous posts by now ;) But yes, trust me… these 2 are brand new ones!!! I mean, I haven’t spoken about them so far… lol!!!

I better start my post with a big thanks to instagram ;) One thing (to laugh) I must mention is… we cook, we click, we post, we eat and in between all those things, we discuss each stage on whatsapp every single day :P Yes, that’s exactly what happens when 3 like-minded people get together!

You might have observed my silence on blog for a long time.. and now I’m getting myself into active mode (till I can), I must thank these 2 girls for that! Srujan is the one who tortures us with her super-tempting thaalis (or even one-pot cooking) and we get inspired!!! I, mostly (when confused) bug her for some suggestions what all to cook n what not… and the outcome of a longggggggg (faltu at times) discussion is always a hit at my place! I love experimenting… and so do they both! Now you can imagine what all we must be chatting about…
Yesterday was one such day… I was all set to make Indian Paneer Kathi roll and then got my mind running towards Mexican Fajitas (which I absolutely love)! As always, I messaged on that group asking for some help… and both of them (yes, both of them… Anuja, you’re reading it right) boosted my energy with a super-quick solution (sometimes, silence speaks a thousand words, haven’t you heard?) ;)!!! I fused both the cuisines and tried out these Paneer Fajitas, which is nothing but kathi roll served as fajitas :P Here is how I did that…




All cut into juliennes–

Bell pepper

Green Chutney (Coriander-Mint one)
Tomato Ketchup
Chat Masala
Lemon Juice
Tortillas (I made garlic-herbs flavored wheat flour tortillas at home)
Spice-Mix (Red Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Salt etc.)



  1. Mix all the spices in a bowl and add a few tbsp of oil into it to make a paste.
  2. Roll all the paneer pieces into it and grill it until nicely charred on all sides.
  3. Once paneer is done, grill bell pepper and onions too and arrange all these things on a hot sizzler plate.
  4. Heat tortillas (I did that on grill plate only) and spread some green chutney over it.
  5. Put all the grilled stuff to your taste and sprinkle some chat masala and drizzle ketchup over it.
  6. Roll it and enjoy when it’s warm!!! :)


  • You can choose to have egg roll to replace plain tortillas too.
  • And to make a tandoori version, you can marinate paneer overnight (or a few hours) in yogurt based marinade and use it to grill!!!