I’m not an anti-social person but it’s true that I’m not much of social person too… I always love wedding season (just ‘coz I love eating wedding ka khaana) or a festive season… but when it comes to meet people other than family or a few of my favorite relatives/friends, I always take a back step…

And that’s not how I have been these days… It’s been like this since I was a kid! My mum keep telling everyone that I used to stand at doorstep and start crying when the guests arrive… till they leave :P

Whatever… I still don’t like unwanted guests (whom I don’t really want to invite, but still have to)! But I love having my near-dear ones over, cooking lots of food for them n chitchating for long hours :)

And yes… specially during diwali, I used to spend maximum of my time in kitchen… Helping mum in making festive sweets n munchies i.e. cholafali, mathiya, farsi puri, mesoob, mohanthal, shakkarpara… Hang on!!!!! Did I just say shakkarpara??? <3

That’s one of the best things to munch… with a cupppa tea or coffee or milk or even with lemonade :P I had always made namakpare (salted diamond crackers) but couldn’t resist making this one when I had leftover sugar syrup from GulabJamun! Here is how I did it…



2 cups Plain Flour
1/2 to 3/4 cup Sugar Syrup
Salt, to taste
4 tbsp Ghee or Oil (we call it MON)
Oil, to deep-fry
Water, as required


  1. Take plain flour and salt in a bowl and add ghee/oil into it.
  2. Mix it well until it starts forming good crumbles. When you hold it in a tight fit, it should hold the shape for a
  3. while.
  4. Add sugar syrup into it and knead the dough by adding water gradually.
  5. Make sure the dough is a bit harder than paratha one.
  6. Cover with a cling wrap and put that in the fridge for 10-15 mins.
  7. Heat oil in a kadai and meanwhile, divide the dough in 7-8 equal balls.
  8. Roll out each one by one and cut into squares or diamonds.
  9. Deep-fry in a small batches until lightly golden.
  10. Transfer onto an absorbent paper and let it cool down.
  11. Store in an air-tight container up to 2 weeks :)


You can have a look at recipe of NamakPare here: