Savory Veggie Pancakes

Hello everyone… Sorry, I was away from this space for a long time! But now I’m back.. and will be regular again (that’s what I say every time, I know) ;) Well, as you all know that I run a guest-post series on my blog since long… but a month back, I was asked to do a guest-post for someone’s space <3 And I didn’t wait for a second in saying yes to Elaine of FoodBod!!!

Now my regular readers know my cooking style… I hardly cook with exotic ingredients! To me, cooking n blogging is all about creating something with your routine ingredients in a delicious way… And yes, I never thought of trying out anything that’s gluten-free! But a few conditions I had to follow while creating some dish was – It had to be gluten-free and healthy!!! :)


I made these Savory Pancakes right after her asking me to be the guest on her space. But for some reasons, I kept delaying the publishing date and I’m saying sorry to Elaine for all those troubles. As soon as I felt a bit well, I drafted this post and submitted to her and here she is… She posted right in the next week and I’m again lagging by a week in sharing with you all :P

You can check out the recipe @ her space:


Thank you so much Elaine for giving me an opportunity to be a part of your series! :*

And to make a regular version of these pancakes (and not gluten-free), here is what you can do:

  • Replace quinoa flour with plain flour (or besan)
  • You can also add an egg for binding it well… :)