Grilled Peach

Goodbye winter… Hello to bright mornings and sunny afternoons!!! Althought the heat hits so badly, I have my own reasons to love summer. Yes, I confess that I hardly spend more than 30 mins at a time, in my kitchen but still summer cooking is fun! Making something quick, not-too-hot and that too using all summer specials… work great to me!

Well, it’s obviously the right time to plan a dayout, pack all the stuff and head over to some picnic place. But that works on weekend only, and that too when I’m not baking or decorating :( Yet I’m telling you I love summer… I enjoy spending whole day having awesome food while watching movies ;) Hahaha… Fun, isn’t it?

grilled peach2

And the other reason is… Stonefruits! I’ve seen people baking cakes-breads-tarts etc. etc. using these beautiful looking seasonal fruits. And that’s something I can never do. I don’t have that much patience actually ;) To me, it’s all about washing, cutting/slicing, sprinkling some black salt and eating :P For a chance, I tried grilling my peaches for a quick salad and believe me, I loved it!
Read a quick method & yeah, have a happy summer!!! :)

grilled peach1


  • Wash and slice peaches.
  • Heat the grill pan.
  • Add some butter to it.
  • Grill the slices until you get charred aroma.
  • Sprinkle some salt or black salt & herbs over it.
  • Eat it warm!!!

grilled peach3