Quick Coleslaw

I actually find it quick helpful… to have a recipe on the pic itself :) I can save it as a recipe-card too… And now I’ve planned to create these handy cards for pretty much all the recipes I post here…

Recently I bought a big head of purple cabbage from local super-market and then started thinking what all I can make out of it :P Well, as of now… I just have 2 ideas: to have it in salads or make some snack with cabbage shells :) Yes, I am waiting to get some ideas from your end too… And do let me know how do you like the idea of this recipe-card??? Would you like to have more of them???


Of course, I can post more pics of this salad bowl… Only above one you can save it for your reference :)

purple coleslaw

Linking this recipe @ Swathi’s ‘Summer Salads’ Event, hosted at Sarika’s The Taste of the World :)