Masala Dosa

Am I a big fan of South-Indian food?!! Ohhh yes, I have always loved it… but only when it’s time to have at Sankalp or any other South-Indian restaurant :) However, I love making uttapams n idlis in-house, but was suffering from dosa-fobia due to some disasters happened before!!!

Dosa is something very versatile in case of flavors… Crisp outside remains as it is, but there are dozens of variations you can try with the stuffing! I still laugh aloud when I recall my experiments of making dosa…

masala dosa

First time I tried at my in-laws when I had my cooking-companion next to me, my sister-in-law! We decided to make masala dosa one evening n prepared masala, sambhaar, chutney everything… including dosa batter! When it was nearly 8 pm, we thought of making dosa to serve one by one… n so I asked her to start it! She was like “Aren’t you going to make it? I don’t know how to spread dosa batter on tava even!” For a while, I was shocked… Couldn’t speak n word n then I burst into laughter saying “I don’t know how to make it either! I thought you must be knowing it” :P And ultimately, we took help of one of the aunts to make it out… It wasn’t great anyways, yet a disc of paratha size worked for that dinner…

Next I tried when I came here… I always expect my food to be great on plate, but again I faced a disaster! They even didn’t tempt me to take out of my kitchen only :P I was shattered… felt like crying, n hubby got a take-away from Nando’s… And I repeated the same scene for one more time too!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have that specific dosa tava with me! So I blamed my normal non-stick pan for turning my dosa into a kid’s breakfast pancakes :P

And here I’m!!! I’m coming out of my dosa-fobia for sure… Tried several times in day time n finally, I’m getting great results (you can clearly see it in the pics here) :)