Almond Chocolates

I usually don’t miss wishing my near-dear friends… And how can I miss to wish a special friend :)

almond chocolate

‘Shalvi’ – a girl whom I met around 3 years back only! I got to see this beautiful girl at freezeland for the 1st time when we planned a dinner with friends, we talked 2-3 times on phone before we met though. Ever since our 1st telephonic conversation, we have shared a beautiful bond… Back in India (before wedding), we used to talk almost every week n sometimes more often, met a few times for dinner, did a lot gossiping even though our work kept us busy all the time :( And how can I miss that fun-filled day!!! Unlimited lunch @ US Pizza, random ramblings on CG Road n Law Garden in my Pinky Car n Masala soda on roadside stall… Aaah, wish to relive that day again!

We found many similarities in us… We both talk non-stop, it’s always overlapping of words on call! We both are foodies! Our hubbies were out of India, faced typical love-marriage troubles, had a long waiting period, more over hubbies share all similar traits (after all, the bestest buddies)! And in addition to all… we got married on the same day, which was the best as well as worst thing :( Best ‘coz it’s a wonderful feeling to celebrate our anniversaries on the same day forever… And the worst as we didn’t get to attend each other’s wedding!!! :( :( :(

When I thought of posting ‘Almond Chocolates’ for a virtual celebration on a chocolate-lover’s birthday, her hubby felt jealous! Just ‘coz I made these cute looking chocolates on her b’day :P

Shrey, here you go… I made these for your lovely wife, but have clicked the way you’re gifting her ;)


almond chocolates


Cooking Chocolate (I used dark-one of Cadbury’s)
Nuts (Almonds here)

Proportion of 1:1/4


  1. Use a double boiler to melt the pieces of cooking chocolate.
  2. Add 1 tsp of cooking oil to get a glaze in it.
  3. Add roughly chopped nuts in it and mix well.
  4. Pour this mixture in silicone chocolate moulds. Tap it on counter to remove air-bubbles if any.
  5. Keep it in refrigerator for nearly 30 mins or until it is set completely.
  6. Take ’em out and serve these cute chocolate bites :)