Cheese ‘n’ Herb Corn

Summer Treat, Picnic, Barbecue or Monsoon!!! A link between all 4 of them is “Corn (Makai)”. Grill or boil or roast… it serves a fantastic flavor in all 3 ways :)

I’m a makai-lover, especially when it comes to be a road-side roasted one in those rainy days!!! Boiling them is probably quickest and simplest way if you are planning to infuse external flavors :) This time when I got a bunch of them from market, I was sure to apply different ideas stored in back of my mind for a long time… Cheese is something we always love and I love herbs too… Combined both of them and here you go!!!


Pre-processing required to make ‘Cheese ‘n’ Herb flavored corn is given below:

– Remove husks, silk and ending of makai.
– Pressure-cook it for 3 whistles in salted water.
– Drain excess water and pat-dry it.
– Corn on the cob is ready to get cheesy flavors!!! :)


  • Get a small hole grater and a cube of your favorite cheese! I used a combo of cheddar n parmesan here… Grate it over corn on the cob, turn it on the other side and repeat the same.
  • I didn’t have any fresh herb on hand, so used mixed dried herbs for this flavor! Sprinkle a pinch of herbs for making it more aromatic… 
  • And simply serve it :)