My 1st Food-Award

‘M so happy to say that I got my 1st Food-Award this weekend :) 
It’s nearly 3 years since I started food-blogging, but never got in interaction with the whole community! But now I have a bunch of foodie-friends who’re foodie-bloggers too… I have started enjoying this blogville by participating in various food-events n giveaways every month! I have started following a no. of blogs with yummy recipes posted on regular basis :) In short, I’m loving it now!!!
One of my regular follower (I follow her delicious dishes too) n a good foodie-friend is Harini M, running her food blog @ Cook, Click n Devour … I’m really thankful to her for sharing this ‘ABC Award’ with me!!! 
Here are the rules to follow:
– Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
– Write one word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.
– Nominate some blogs and leave a comment on those blogs to let them know! 
I already followed the 1st rule, you see :) 
For the 2nd rule – What’s the right word to describe me, lemme think!!! 
I always stay excited while stepping into mine or any other’s kitchen… Learning new cooking techniques, variety of dishes, presentation styles, photography etc. are the factors tagging me as “CURIOUS
And here are those food-bloggers (friends) I nominate for sharing this award :) 
Shruti Di (a lovely lady sharing the same name) of Shruti’s Blog

Akshara running Ashu-Cooks :)

Abhilasha Kothari of Welcome Foodie!!!

Divya of Dishing With Divya

Keep Cooking!!!