Recipes by Friends & Family…

Here are few pics of different dishes cooked by my friends & family members… Post a comment to request any of these recipes and we will get back to you at the earliest!!! :) The other way is to post an email and you will receive that recipe soon… 
If you have pics of your yummy dishes, share them with ‘SJ’s Food Court’ by an email… Happy Cooking!!! 
                           Mexican Bhel – by, DJ                              Thin Crust Pizza – by, Tulsi
                               Kheer – by, Shalvi                                   Cheese Mac – by, Shalvi
                        Dry Manchurian – by, Tulsi                        Lilwa Kachori – by, Mumma

                        Supreme Nachos – by, Shrey                     Puri of Panipuri – by, Mumma                       
                         Puri of Panipuri – by, Kiran                       Cheese Fondue – by, Riddhi

Bharwan Tikki – by, Ushamasi

Chilly Paneer – by, Dipali

Italian Sizzler – by, Tulsi
Dum Biryani – by, Shalvi

Veg. Clear Soup – by, Jalpa

Nargisi Kofta – by, Mumma
Malai Kofta n Rajma Kebab – by, Drishti
Apple Cinnamon Cake – by, Shraddha

Menduwada – by, Shalvi