Strawberry Panna Cotta



1/2 cup Full Cream
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 cup Caster Sugar
1/4 cup Strawberries (chopped)
1 tsp Gelatin (Agar-Agar powder/flakes, for core-vegetarian)
5-6 tsp Water


– Take full cream, milk and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil (around 4-5 mins) it on medium-heat.
– Turn off the heat and add chopped strawberries.
– Mix gelatin with water and add it to cream mixture.
– Transfer the prepared mix in ramekins or silicone moulds and cool it down to the room temperature.
– Keep it in the freeze to set for 4-5 hours and serve chilled.


– Unmoulding them is optional.
– Take 2-3 chopped strawberries and caster sugar in pan with 2-3 tsp water. Cook it for around a minute and drizzle on the plate while serving.
– Can be served with butter cookies or fresh strawberries.

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