A blogging tour

Yey… Finally, I’m on a blog-tour!

Even I wondered what actually it is when Prash of Yummily Yours’ told me that she was to write a bit about my space (one of her favorites) :) Undoubtedly, I was so happy to hear that and yes, I immediately felt like continuing the thread to the next step. She posted a wonderful article on her end and then handed over to me… And it’s me who took more than a week to post this one :P So sorry, Prash!!!

What all I have to do is: Some thought-processing!!! Ohhh yes, I have to answer a few questions about my blogging & writing process and then add a brief intro of 2 of my favorite blogs to visit :) Simple…??!!! Naah… I must say, it’s a tough think to pick just 2 blogs out of a bigggg blogosphere!!! Here you read more about it…

Well, I got connected to Prash over the social media only… And then we interacted much more than how we did on our spaces :P She’s a lovely lady to talk with… And wait, have you had a look at her recipes? My my… they’re simply superb! Simple yet mouth-watering, authentic yet very much personalized, flavorful yet healthy… Isn’t it great? You must visit her today itself @ Yummily Yours’ :)

Now, it’s time to pen down my answers…


What am I working on?

It’s quite an easy task to cook with SJ! And my space is just a small try to bring out all those day-to-day dishes (Indian, Fusion, International) from my kitchen… I started this blog around 4 years back and since then, I have been working to improve my work only :) And yes, I’m still working on it… Isn’t it a bit confusing? :P

Honestly, I love cooking, more of baking, plating, clicking, serving and of course eating! And that’s what I work on… Wish I get a constant inspiration from my readers to post more & more dishes here which can help everyone i.e. a bachelor, looking for quick & easy dishes or a granny, searching authentic Indian dishes <3 Sometime in near future, I would like to blog a bit more about ‘Eggless Baking’ as well, on which I work currently!!!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, you can’t compare 2 food-blogs ever – Can you?!! Each family has their own food-story and I welcome you to mine… It’s different from others in many aspects:

  • I believe in preserving authentic techniques/flavors for sure… Might be unhealthy at times but having it once in a while is quite okay, if you know how to handle those extra calories :) I hate substituting the ingredients with the healthy options… I can walk 2 kms more or stay on salads/soups for 1 more day but don’t say you can’t eat this & that!!!
  • I try maintaining consistency in case of plating, stying, photography etc. If you explore my space, you might feel the key pic of any post is taken from similar angel only. Other pics/collages may vary post-to-post :) And yes, since I got to learn photography, I equally focus on it along with cooking/baking!!!

Now… it’s your turn to spot the differences ;)

Why Do I write what I do?

If I like what I experimented in my kitchen, you might like that too! I blog just to make those dishes reach to my readers (not to show off for sure) who enjoy cooking process! I’m not a professional cook/chef or so… But I believe, I have a good taste for sure :)

I love cooking but I love dining-out and trying different cuisines from all over the world. I eat something, I try replicating with my own touch and present it to you all… As I say, Sharing is Caring!!!

How does my writing process work?

Everyone of you have some or the other things in mind when you cook… And that’s what I write on my posts! How did I finalize to cook any particular dish, any links with the past/presence, what efforts I had to make, the way I got ingredients, if any disaster happened, hubby’s expressions… It’s good to write about the curry cooking in your mind :P And rather than blabbering about any random theory, I prefer to blog a little about my personal life too :)

Recipes… I keep them in the simplest form! No technical jargons, no words that need dictionary to interpret… And absolutely no alien elements!!! :P

Blogs that inspire me:

And this is the toughest one to answer!!! Yet, here are a few of my very favorite blogs to visit (along with Yummily Yours’) :)

Let me confess something today… I came across this vegetarian space around 2 years back and I religiously followed it! I used to comment in beginning but I observed a traffic on her space, her fans/followers, her food-events heavily flooded with entries…. And all these things made me step back, why would she reply to my comments or my queries when she has got so many things to handle??!!! And I never commented since then… I’m sure she’ll laugh aloud when she reads this!
A few months back, I got a chance to host one of her events and since then, she has been a very very dear friend of mine! I can’t stop giggling or bugging her on chat msgs every now n then. Although she’s elder than me, I feel myself in comfort zone… She’s a wonderful mentor, I must say! Her vast experience in cooking helps me keep up my good work in kitchen and yes… She’s a constant energy supplier for sure (I use the same word for my mum too)!!! <3

Sonaaaaa… A soon-to-be-neighbour of mine ;) Or that’s what I dream about… We live in the same country but different states yet both of us hope to cook/bake something together! Fingers crossed… All what I love about her space is:
– Her way of keeping the authentic flavors intact in all her dishes!
– Simplest form of writing process!
– And I absolutely love her photography… We (I & hubby) always feel that she’s the one who knows technicals of camera! Lighting, angels, editing, captioning… Everything I think is so perfectly presented!

My co-host of the last event, Sonal is pretty much like-minded! She loves baking breads & I love baking cakes… Quite different I know but baking is the key process here ;) I absolutely love reading her vegetarian dishes, the innovations she brings and never the least, the stories behind those posts <3
I must thank this lovely lady for being one of the regular commentators on my space!

And that’s pretty much all about me, my space, my favorites!!! Hope you enjoyed reading it :)