Idiyappam – by, Sathya Priya

Priya… A few months back when I announced a new series ‘Fun with Foodies’ on my cooking space, I received a request from this girl asking if she can be a part of it! And being a regular reader of her blog ‘My Kitchen Odyssey‘, I immediately accepted her request to be my guest for this month :) Due to heavy workload n then a vacation, I couldn’t chat with her much before posting this… Yet I feel I know her very well! Summing up all her culinary skills just in one word – SIMPLICITY!!! I love the way she makes authentic dishes with easily available ingredients n also, a junior cook can follow her steps n make any dish without further help for sure :)

While chattering with her before, I gotta know that we both are from the same field -IT! Of course, she left her job and now a full-time mum exploring this food-world for good :) We also had a discussion regarding foodie-groups on social networks, a few widgets etc. with respect to target audience on the blogs!!! And just opened a hangout I had with her, and found that it was big longggg chat… n I felt I didn’t bug her much :P Anyways, welcoming Priya on my cooking space as a special guest today!!! :)

I want to start my post with a few words about Shruti .She is a bubbly and a lovely lady with lots of energy and enthusiasm for cooking and blogging. She has a wonderful blog and her clicks are wonderful too. I first met her through blogging world when I was taking baby steps in blogging. I am amazed by her blogging abilities, she is very quick in posting recipes and I wonder how she is able do it.
I had requested her about a guest post and she was gracious enough to say yes and also gave me ample time to get a good post.
Today I am goign to share with you a unique Idiyappam recipe from Chettinad. Idiyappam is famous in Tamilnadu and Kerala and usually gets served with Kuruma, Stew and some times with Milk. The Chettinad version is tempered and its served with kosumalli.

Idiyappam / Rice Noodles is very famous dish in chettinad cuisine. Idiyappam is made during festivals and celebrations . Its been a while since I made Idiyappam at home. Usually my Mom gives me the Idiappam flour. After sometime our move i ran out of Idiyappam flour. Regular idiyappam flour has to be ground in mill (where they grind flour), so I tried to make it with regular rice flour. It came out well and my husband and my little one love it. This recipe is very easy and you need to put in a little love along with the rice flour. End result is yummy Idiyappam. Usually in chettinad the steamed Idiyappam gets mixed with some sour curd and then gets tempered with onions, chilis, curry leaves, mustard and urad dal. I did not do it because I was afraid that the Idiyappam would break up very fine.

Preparation time: 40 mins

Serves: 2-3



2 1/2 cup rice flour
1 1/4 cup water
Salt as needed (If you are going to have it with milk, you can skip this)


  • Sieve the rice flour well and keep it aside.
  • Add little salt to the flour if you are doing the savory version.
  • Heat 1 cup of water until it bubbles.


  • Add it to rice flour and mix it with wood paddle.
  • Add the water in small steps, this will help you to get the dough to the right consistency. ( Half cup was enough for me)
  • Make the flour in to a little stiff dough.


  • Roll it into a cylindrical piece and put it inside the press.
  • Heat the idly cooker with water and cover it until u get the steam.


  • Grease the idly plates with little oil.
  • Press the dough to make two rounds and cover it with lid .
  • After 2-3 minutes press in two more rounds.


  • Repeat the pressing steps till all the dough gets completed.
  • When the last of the Idiyappam is pressed in let it cook for 2-3 minutes and then switch the heat off.
  • Serve it with warm milk sugar or Kosumalli/Sambhar/Kuruma.



  • Rice noodles are thin they will cook in no time.
  • This is very healthy recipe, you can feed plain idiyappams to babies and sick people.