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Thaali Menu – 8

‘Fusion-Confusion’ :) It’s nothing but a combination of different culinary traditions, served in a novel way. Then why not to use ingredients from around the world and cook them Indian way? That’s exactly… Continue reading

Maharastrian Thecha

You remember my recent post on garlic scapes??!!! I made a jar full of ‘Pickled Garlic Scapes‘ and still had a few in stock. So I tried out one of my favorite –… Continue reading

Recipe Index

Hello Everyone, It’s just to inform you about the recent addition on this space!!! I have recently designed and published a “RECIPE INDEX” page… Spare a few mins and check it out :)… Continue reading

Nivedhanam’s Blog-Anniversary Event

Hello Everyone, Sowmya (A food-blogger running Nivedhanam) is going to celebrate 1st anniversary of her blog with a Hudson sponsored giveaway and a cookbook! Do check out the details here for participating in… Continue reading

Special Fried Garnishes

Fried garnishes in Indian kitchen are as important as a list of spices!!! Most of the times, it comes to be an integral part of preparing the dish itself…  Two very popular ways… Continue reading